The World's Fastest, Open-Layout Camera Bag System



Push Button Technology

The Top Shelf has a secure quick release push button that was designed for race car hoods, so your gear is safe.

Quick Access

Don't worry about putting your bag down to get gear. It's all at your fingertips.


The intuitive platform system allows you to use the main compartment as either a laptop stand or lens changing system. Let the Top Shelf hold your camera while you change your lens and reduce the chances of dropping your gear.


No need to dig in your bag for gear, the open layout lets you have access to everything.

Tripod Straps

Having your tripod affixed to your bag and not shifting about is very important. The Top Shelf has hidden pockets with tripod straps and a pouch to secure your tripod feet.

Rain Protector

The Top Shelf has a fitted rain jacket for those stormy days when you still want to go out.

Elbow Stabilization

The Top Shelf acts as a great platform to ensure you get those crisp photos and video, or when holding your drone remote.

Dual Straps

While in the field shooting you can use the sling setting for super-fast camera access. If you’re on a hike, long walk, or needing a break from the sling strap you can instantly switch to dual straps.

Customizable Dividers

High quality velcro dividers to keep your gear safe and offer endless configurations that can be setup on the fly.

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What Our Customers Say:


I've had mine for a month and it's absolutely incredible to use!

Scott Canon
Los Angeles, CA

Wish I could afford another. This bag is the first truly innovative bag in decades

Canada, BC

This is the future of Camera Bag. A truly innovative design. Well Done

Noel Mccarth

Thank you guys for all your dedication and such an amazing product! You guys are awesome!!

Jorge Moreneo
UK. Bristol

Sold me on it and I don't even own a camera haha

Duquette Lo
France, Paris