false camera bag with different perspectives showing manufacturing and design of inauthentic backpack

Beware of Fake Websites Claiming to Sell the Top Shelf Camera Bag

We recently became aware of a number of fraudulent websites claiming to sell our bag at a ridiculous and unrealistic discounted rate. 

The ONLY place to pre-order the Top Shelf at this time is here on our website.

Since our success on Kickstarter several fake websites have popped up. Most people receive nothing or receive a bag that looks nothing like ours. More recently someone received a bag that attempted to look like ours but failed miserably.

Here are the names of the sites we are aware of: Lovetily.com, worldlens.shop, lwlqsme.top, qited.com, jazmean.com, cathgustave.shop, elsaastrid.shop, gillisabel.com, topshelfbag.com, kitymin.com, goinstachill.com, rosebuyi.vip, louislady.com, etsy-fashion.com.

Please do not be fooled by these fraudulent websites. We do not want to see anyone else get ripped off.

If you have any questions for us please reach out anytime at hello@bevisgear.com

More on this: https://youtu.be/NfwGqNA0Yls

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