Pre-order Update ~ 09.01.2021

We want to extend our gratitude for your support for our project. Unfortunately, this update comes with some not so fabulous news.

We were expecting production to resume this week, however, we received word from our manufacturer in Vietnam informing us that due to the COVID-19 situation there, their facility will be closed now until Sept 16th with the possibility of this being extended another few weeks.

Without a doubt, this is the last thing we wanted to hear given all the hurdles we have had to overcome in the past year. Doubly, we regret having to tell our customers, some of whom have been waiting since March, that they will be waiting a little bit longer to receive their bags.

We will continue to keep you informed of the situation as openly and transparently as possible. Hopefully, this is the last of the major setbacks, and we will be back on track to delivering orders within days, instead of months. It is with your continued patience and support that we will get there.

Thank you sincerely,

Matt & Nycol