Pre-order Update ~ 08.13.2021

We wanted to keep you apprised of the new developments regarding the Top Shelf website orders.

As you are probably well aware, we raised over $1 million on Kickstarter in just 30 days! We began manufacturing immediately following the campaign. Even so, there have been many idiosyncrasies that have hindered the timely delivery of our bag to our Kickstarter Backers. Problems such as; finding reasonable shipping rates, customs delays, interruptions with supply chains, closures due to Covid and the need for quality assurance. Our Kickstarter Backers began receiving their bags in July and we will continue to fulfill these orders over the next few weeks.

Regrettably, we have encountered another delay with our website pre-orders. Unfortunately, our manufacturing facility in Vietnam has been closed for a second time due to the rising Covid cases. What this means for our pre-order customers is possible further delays in receiving their orders.

More on the Pandemic in Vietnam can be found here and how it's effecting shipping here.

Originally, we were supposed to receive our website pre-order shipments in August, with delivery to our customers by September. To clarify, we ship the bags, by sea, from Vietnam to Vancouver and then ship them individually from here. 

We understand how frustrating these circumstances are for our customers, as it is frustrating for us as well. We would like nothing more than to have customers order a bag one day and receive it the next. Our goal is to build our company up to the point where this is our normal mode of operation. It is with your continued support, and patience, that we will achieve that goal.

We will continue to keep you informed as we receive updates from the factory. As soon as we get word that the bags will ship we will inform you. 

We thank you for your continued patience.

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