A Wedding Photographer's Dream Camera Bag

A Wedding Photographer's Dream Camera Bag

This is Amy Ballard. An established photographer based in Arizona. She is known for her amazing ability to narrate and unfold an individual’s story through her photography. Amy has been in the photography game for nearly a lifetime, her skill sets range from portraits to weddings and her style has flourished over the years.

We sat down with Amy to dig a little deeper and learn more about her history as a photographer.


BG: How long have you been taking photographs professionally or unprofessionally?

AB: I started at age 7 with a hot pink side view film 110 camera and never looked back! Professionally, since 2009. I’ve upgraded my camera since age 7 though. 😉


BG: What would you say is your photography style?

AB: My style is very journalistic and narrative. I love telling stories with my images, using bold colors, and small details that help the viewer feel like they were actually a part of the moment.

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BG: What or where do you most love to shoot?

AB: I love shooting people most (I suck at landscape photography 🤪) and while photographing my family travels/adventures is my absolute favorite weddings rank up there on my list too!  It is such a blessing to be invited into the intimate moments of someone’s “big day” and it is a true honor to capture the memories of their day!

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BG: What is your go-to camera/lens or any other recommended gear that is a must-have? 

AB: I shoot with a Nikon D850 and my two must have lenses are the 35mm 1.4 and the 85mm 1.4. Other gear I MUST have is my Black Rapid strap (because I wear my camera more than I wear a purse) and my GoPro for all the action shots!

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BG: What is one of the most exciting or exhilarating things you’ve done to capture a shot?

AB: I spent about a month in the wilds of Costa Rica on a photography expedition and it was one of the most inspiring trips I’ve ever done!  I shot film at the time and some of my greatest images I’ve ever shot came from the excursions and adventures we had there!

BG: Who inspires you as a photographer?

AB: The stories each person carries with them is so inspiring to me! The more I learn about a person, the more I fall in love with their history and experiences! Telling their stories back to them really drives me in my photography!

But photography heroes? My two biggest are Jean Smith and Carey Nash!  Both share images that CONSTANTLY take my breath away!  

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BG: Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?

AB: Keep shooting! Take photos you love, take horrible photos, take photos others don’t like…just keep shooting!  The repetition is such a refining process that whittles you down to what you will eventually call your style!  Shoot things that are out of your comfort zone and shoot things you feel totally inspired by!  Just. Keep. Shooting!

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BG: What has your experience been like so far using the Top Shelf?

AB: My Top Shelf has been such a lifesaver!  I can access my gear SO quickly, change lens safely and keep all my stuff safe without being bulky!  It is everything I didn’t know how to make real in my dream camera bag!!


IG: @amybphotography

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