photographer working on desktop computer next to top shelf camera bag

The Mission

Throughout my career as a photographer, there were persistent problems with camera bags on the market. The main issue was accessibility. When the perfect shot happens, you don’t always have time to prepare and the most accessible bags had major tradeoffs between convenience and utility. After speaking to many others within the industry, it was clear that this is an area of frustration shared between photographers and I was determined to create something to take camera bags to the next level.

top shelf creator designing layout and style of camera bag

Across the market there are different iterations of the sling bag, which ultimately adhere to a similar template. What I loved about this classic design, however, is that they are lightweight and compact, and the sling allows quick access to my gear while standing. The drawbacks were that the organization is less than optimal and I’d often miss a shot due to the layers of gear I’d have to rummage through.

inside office space with camera bag designs, prototype, desktop computer and camera tripod on desk

With the Top Shelf I wanted to expand this design. It became an absolute obsession and I devoted every ounce of free time to solving this problem. I meditated on the pain points and focused on keeping the action orientated template while allowing for easier access and organization for your lenses and other gear. The Top Shelf folds down with ease so that what you need is there, organized, and you can adjust to the opportunity with minimum friction. The Top Shelf is small and compact when you don’t need it, and has an open-layout for easy access to all your gear when you do.

designer and photographer planning design of camera bag product

After years of prototyping and field testing, countless hours of collaboration between various skillsets within the industry, we feel we’ve developed the perfect camera bag. We feel so strongly about this revolutionary product that we’ve patented this unique design and moved to Vietnam for a year to collaborate with high quality manufacturers. We’re Matthew Bevis and Nycol Bevis, siblings with an entrepreneurial dream, and BEVISGEAR is proud to introduce; The Top Shelf.

childhood photo of nycol bevis and matt bevis next to current photo of top shelf creators