Featured Photographer & Top Shelf User ~ Matthew Littlewood

We caught up with Landscape Photographer and Top Shelf Camera Bag user Matthew Littlewood. We have been a fan of Matthew's work for many years and we were thrilled to learn he was using our bag!

Portrait of Matthew Littlewood. Top shelf camera bag. Bevisgear

BG: How long have you been taking photos professionally or unprofessionally?

ML: I’ve spent most of my life with a camera in hand after learning to take photos and developed the film in the darkroom when I was 15. After graduating, I travelled and photographed the world for 9 years before taking my first professional photography position in Japan as a ski photographer. Since 2016, I’ve turned my passion for travel and photography into a profession that’s had me shooting all over the world for various companies and tourism boards.  

Waterfall by Matthew Littlewood. Top shelf camera bag. Bevisgear

BG: What would you say is your photography style?

ML: A photography style is hard to explain in words. My personal photography focuses on capturing epic landscapes focusing on golden hour and astrophotography. I also love including a small human element in large landscapes to give the viewer a sense of scale.

Photo by Matthew Littlewood golden hour top shelf bevisgear

BG: What or where do you love to shoot most?

ML: I’ve found a love for photographing mountains. I love everything about being outside and exploring the natural world from the mountain tops to all the cascading rivers and magical forests surrounding them. The Canadian Rockies is my favourite place in the world to photograph. 

Canadian Rockies by Matthew Littlewood. Top shelf camera bag. Bevisgear

BG: What is your go-to camera/lens or any other recommended gear that is a must-have?

ML: My go-to camera and lens combo would be the Canon EOS R and R5 with a wide fast lens like the 15-35mm f2.8.

Waterfall in forest by Matthew Littlewood. Top shelf camera bag. Bevisgear

BG: What is the most exciting or exhilarating things you've done to capture a shot?

ML: I’ve spent my lifetime pushing into more and more extreme places to capture epic moments. I’ve spent over a year of my life in a tent waiting for the perfect moment. Recently I’ve been pushing further into glaciers and exploring ice caves with a recent expedition where we hiked 20kms through the night to an ice cave.

Ice cave by Matthew Littlewood. Top shelf camera bag. Bevisgear
Sky at night by Matthew Littlewood. Top shelf camera bag. Bevisgear

BG: Who inspires you as a photographer?

ML: There are various photographers that inspire me for different reasons. The top three would be Jimmy Chin for his documentary style in extreme sports, Chris Burkard for creating art out of Landscapes and Peter McKinnon for his contribution to education within the photographic community. 

BG: How are you enjoying your Top Shelf so far?

ML: I’ve been using the Top Shelf Camera bag for a few months now and have been loving it. It's especially useful when travelling! A lot of my tourism work requires frequent flights and a lot of on-the-go shooting so it's incredibly handy having everything I need in a sleek carry on sized bag and the button access is much better than I had expected. The fact that I can access anything I need with the open layout is the key factor in why I chose this bag! I rarely take it off when I’m out shooting because the sling allows me to access anything I need without putting it down. I would recommend this to friends and have in fact already done so.


You can find Matthew on:

IG - @littlewood.photography

FB - @LittlewoodPhotography

Twitter - @littlewoodphoto 

Website - matthewlittlewood.com